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Rickety Stitch and the gelatinous goo. 1, The road to Epoli
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Nimona meets Adventure Time as a singing skeleton searches for his origins in this full-color graphic novel series kickoff! <br> <br> Meet Rickety Stitch . . . a walking, talking, singing skeleton minstrel. He's the one skeleton in the dungeon who seems to have retained his soul, and he has no idea why.<br> <br> His only clue to his former identity is a song he hears snippets of in his dreams, an epic bard's tale about the Road to Epoli and the land of Eem.<br> <br> His sidekick and sole friend is the gelatinous Goo, who Rickety alone can understand. Together they set out in search of Rickety's past, with abundant humor and danger galore.<br> <br> " Dazzling, inventive and fun. Ben Costa and James Parks manage to both spoof and pay homage to the fantasy tradition, while creating characters we care about. A tour de force. " --Jason Shiga, author of Meanwhile and Demon <br> <br> "Rickety Stitch is full of wonderful characters and pacing . . . and what surprises! Storytelling stripped down to the bare bones." --Stan Sakai, creator of Usagi Yojimbo
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